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Community Services
Code Enforcement

James Vagnone
Code Enforcement Officer 
201 W. Poplar St.
Sidney, OH 45365

Phone: (937) 498-8133
         or (937) 498-8130

Fax: (937)498-8119

Community Development Director:
Barbara Dulworth, AICP
Phone: (937)498-8131

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The Code Enforcement Department is responsible for the enforcement of the City's nuisance and property maintenance ordinances. This would include ordinances dealing with issues such as trash, litter, junk motor vehicles, and the City's exterior paint ordinance. The Code Enforcement Department also works closely with other local inspectors including Fire, Building, and Health.

Weed Waiver Application

Paint the Town Brochure

Between March 1 and December 31 of each year, no person or entity which is the owner of record of any parcel, lot or land within the City corporation limits shall permit any grass over eight inches, noxious weeds, or untended, rank, and unmanaged growth of vegetation (Codified Ordinances Section 553.01). In 2016, City Council amended the above ordinance, changing the maximum height of grass from twelve inches to eight inches.

Notice is posted on the property in violation and/or mailed to the owner and occupant of the property once per calendar year. If the violation is not corrected within seven days of notice, the City’s contractor will mow, remove noxious weeds, and remove rank and unmanaged growth. Please note that notices are mailed once per calendar year. Subsequent violations within the year will be mowed by the City contractor without further notice provided to the owner or occupant.

Do you know of a resident that has beautified their exterior: painted, cleaned up flower beds, added landscaping, or other exterior improvements?  Help us recognize their efforts!

Nominate them for a Neighborhood Beautification Award.  Nominations must be submitted by September 1, 2018.

Nomination form

Fees for high grass and weed violations corrected by the City’s mowing contractor are as follows:
The contractor’s hourly rate plus

  • $75 for the first mowing/removal in a calendar year;
  • $150 for the second mowing/removal in a calendar year;
  • $250 for the third and subsequent mowing/removals in a calendar year.

Chapter 553 Weeds, can be found here.


  • Residential zoned lots must be entirely maintained.

  • Commercial/industrial lots adjacent to 2 or more residential-use lots must be entirely maintained.

  • Commercial/industrial lots adjacent to less than 2 residential-use lots must be mowed twice per year, once between May 1 and July 31, and once between August 1 and October 31, in addition to maintaining 25 feet from each edge of pavement at all times.

An owner may request a waiver from the Code Enforcement Officer in cases such as, but not limited to:
  • steep terrain,
  • wetlands,
  • wooded areas. 
Waivers may be granted in cases where strict application would result in an undue hardship or practical difficulty. Waivers will not be accepted on the grounds of convenience or profit, and under no circumstance will the City waive the requirements to remove noxious weeds.



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