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If there are any questions please contact
Human Resource Coordinator:
Kelly Holthaus
Phone: 937 498-8192
Email: kholthaus@sidneyoh.com

Send resume or application to:

Lynn Shuster
City Receptionist
Fax 937 498-8160
Email: lshuster@sidneyoh.com

Clerk Typist II


The Service Center Clerk/Typist II position is an administrative assistance position that performs a wide variety of secretarial and clerical duties in support of the Assistant City Manager/Public Works Director.  The position is assigned by him to support the Utilities Director, Street Department, Underground Utilities Departments, Water Treatment Plant and Wastewater Plant. The position also serves as a receptionist to persons contacting all the departments within the Service Center, including the Parks and Recreation Department and the Vehicle Fleet Maintenance Department.

The Clerk/Typist II position reports directly to the ACM/PWD Director and performs a broad range of clerical functions, and provides secretarial and administrative support to the ACM/PWD, Utilities Director, Underground Utilities Superintendent, Water Distribution Foreman, Metering Foreman, Sanitary Sewer Collection/I & I Foreman, Storm Water Foreman, Street Department Foreman and other departmental personnel.

The Clerk/Typist II will have frequent interactions with Finance, Purchasing, Information Technology, Public Works Director, Human Resources, Revenue Collections, Engineering, Community Development, and the Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants.


High school diploma or GED equivalent.
A minimum of three (3) years of experience in a secretarial/clerical position requiring the use of computers, current software, and providing customer service functions to the public.
Understanding of basic accounting principles.
Ability to effectively communicate with people in responding to and relating questions, and providing information.
Must obtain and/or maintain residency in Shelby county or adjacent county within one year of hire.
Good secretarial, organizational and communication skills.
Demonstrated ability to use a computer for word processing, spreadsheet operations, database functions, file storage, email, and other functions.
Ability to make minor decisions and provide information based on City and departmental policy.
Exercise discretion when working with information and documents that may be confidential.
Consistent pleasant demeanor when dealing with the public.
Must be or become a Notary within four months of hire.
Submit an application to the Receptionist in the Municipal Building on or before 5:00 pm on Friday, December 7, 2018. 

Job Description
Benefit Summary
More information

2019  Seasonal Employment

Pool Manager
Assistant Pool Manager
Concession Stand Manager
Concession Stand Laborer
Playground Leader
Parks Maintenance Worker
Parks Laborer
Water Treatment Plant Laborer
Wastewater Treatment Plant Laborer


             GIS Analyst

The GIS Analyst position reports directly to the IT Manager.  This position manages the GIS spatial data for the City of Sidney.  The GIS Analyst uses ESRI software for the creation, manipulation, maintenance, quality control and documentation of geo-spatial data.  The position is responsible for data editing, data collection, data documentation, data accuracy and map production for City Departments and will also create, maintain, update, query, view and retrieve processed GIS data on multiple databases. 

Hourly Rate:  $23.26 to $29.00
Deadline to apply: By 5:00pm Nov 16, 2018

 To apply:  Submit an application before 5:00 pm, Friday, November 16, 2018 to Receptionist, City Hall, 201 W. Poplar St. Sidney OH 45365 or email to Lshuster@sidneyoh.com.  Visit www.sidneyoh.com for job description, benefit summary, or application.  

Position Description

Public Safety Telecommunicator (911 Dispatcher)

Nature and Scope:

The Administrative Police Captain supervises the Public Safety Telecommunicator position. In the absence of the Administrative Police Captain, the Public Safety Telecommunicator will report to the ranking police officer in charge of the shift.


The Public Safety Telecommunicator will primarily work with Police, Fire and other outside agency emergency personnel in coordinating communications efforts.

The major responsibilities of the Public Safety Telecommunicator include, but are not limited to: Receive telephone calls and transmit information by radio or telephone and take incoming messages; Communicate with citizens in the Police Department lobby and communicating with Police and Fire personnel on station; Enter data in the CAD System and NCIC/LEADS System and maintain communications with all field public safety units; Dispatch public safety units as needed; Receive court bonds, parking ticket fines, and account for monies collected; Assisting police officers with female arrestees during searches and transports (if female); Maintain status as a deputy clerk of the Sidney Municipal Court and Notary Public to witness the filing of criminal charges; Assist the Records Section with data entry if requested to; Receive information from various sources and successfully communicate with other police agencies, fire/rescue units, the court system, utility companies, other City departments, county agencies, and various civic groups; Quickly and effectively communicate information to emergency personnel at the scene of an incident.


Job Requirements:

Make important decisions quickly and remaining calm in emergency situations.
Ability to learn the proper use of departmental equipment including the 9ll System, CAD System, NCIC/LEADS Terminal, various telephone equipment, Police/Fire Department radio system, monitoring and security systems, computers and other equipment located in the Communications Center.
Physically able work in an enclosed Communications Center with stringent requirements for breaks and time away from console while on duty.
Work in a law enforcement environment that entails viewing or describing events that may be unpleasant or distasteful. 
All other duties as assigned


High School Diploma or GED equivalent.
Ability to obtain a passing score on a written test.
Successfully pass a Polygraph test, Criminal Background Check, Psychological Assessment and a Drug Screen.
Successfully complete basic public safety, emergency medical and fire service dispatch courses. 
Ability to secure required CPR and LEADS certifications.
Demonstrate good clerical skills and the ability to effectively use all equipment in the Communications Center
Resident of Shelby County or adjacent county or become a resident within one (1) year from the date of hire.  Maintain residency in Shelby County or adjacent county during employment.  Position open until filled.


To apply:  Visit City’s website at www.sidneyoh.com  to review job description, benefits and application.  Feel free to submit application to Human Resources:


City Hall                                 Email:  lshuster@sidneyoh.com

201 W. Poplar St                    Fax: 937-498-8160

Sidney, OH  45365

Job Description
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Water Treatment Operator II

Hours of Work:   Typically  Thursday thru Saturday (12:00 midnight – 12:00 noon) and every other Sunday (00:00 – 08:00); (40hrs/week – 80/hrs/pay period)

Hourly Pay:  
(Class 1 Water Supply Certificate) 10A-  
$22.04 - $28.53

(Class II Water Supply Certificate) 10B-   
$22.84 - $29.27


The Water Treatment Plant is a division within the Utilities Department of the Public Works Group. The Water Plant Operator II is responsible for operating the Water Treatment Plant during an assigned shift and producing adequate quantities of clean, safe potable water for the community.  This includes the constant application of principles and practices associated with both Ohio EPA Chemical and Microbiological Analyses Certification.  This position will also assist with maintenance on an as needed basis or at the direction of the Water Treatment Plant Superintendent or Assistant Superintendent. 

Job Requirements:

The Water Treatment Plant Operator II is responsible for collecting approximately 24 water samples per shift and analyzing each sample for at least six different parameters within the Wet Chemistry Laboratory.  However, additional analysis must be performed if water quality conditions warrant.  Full Chemical Analysis Certification and Full Microbiology Laboratory Certification as required by Ohio EPA must be maintained at all times.

In addition to the responsibilities of performing lab tests, the Water Treatment Plant Operator II will assist with routine maintenance and repair activities of the facility.  Presently, Plant Operators are required to work six 12-hour days and one eight hour day in every two-week pay period. 


This position requires two (2) years of experience in work involving chemical analyses and operations of a Water Treatment Plant.  A two (2) year degree in chemistry, biology or other water related fields is preferred.
An Ohio Class II Water Supply License is preferred, but the ability to obtain a valid Ohio Class II Water Supply certificate within twenty four months after appointment will be considered.
This position requires the incumbent’s ability to obtain a “Valid” Full Wet Chemistry and Microbiology Laboratory Certification issued by the Ohio EPA within twelve (12) months of appointment.  Certification must be maintained throughout employment within this position.
A valid Driver’s License and a good driving record are required. Both must be maintained throughout employment.
Maintain residency as required by City policy.

Deadline to Apply:  Friday, November 16, 2018
More information
Job Description
Benefit Summary

Water Treatment Superintendent

The Water Treatment Plant Superintendent is responsible for the continuous operation and maintenance of a Class IV Water Supply Works and the delivery of safe, clear and sufficient water to the community. The Water Treatment Plant Superintendent is a division head, within the Utilities Department. This position reports to the Director of Utilities and at times will be required to consult with various Department Heads. The incumbent is expected to work closely with other City departments and division heads to integrate related work activities. This position must also communicate and exchange information with state regulatory agencies, vendors, consulting engineers, news media, civic organizations, and city and county residents.
An associate’s degree or ability to obtain within 24 months. Bachelor’s degree in science or engineering preferred.
Experience in a Superintendent position, preferred.
A valid Ohio Class IV Water Supply certificate or a Class III certificate, with the ability to obtain a Class IV certificate within the time limit required by the EPA.
A minimum of five (5) years experience in a Class III plant or higher or Bachelor’s degree in Science or Engineering with three years in a supervisory role
Extensive knowledge of operation of a lime-soda water treatment plant and the associated lab work.
Ability to effectively communicate with the public and co-workers.
Mechanical ability and experience in the maintenance of a water treatment plant.
A valid Drivers License.
Knowledge of the Ohio EPA’s rules and regulations for Backflow Prevention and Cross Contamination of water supplies.
A more detailed Position Description, Benefit Summary and Job Application form is available from the City’s web site www.sidneyoh.com and from the Receptionist at 201 W. Poplar St. Sidney, OH 45365.
To apply: Go to our website www.sidneyoh.com, Departments, Employment Opportunities and complete the application at the bottom of the Job Posting, then submit: cover letter, resume & application to Lynn Shuster, Receptionist.  Mail to 201 W. Poplar St. Sidney OH 45365, Fax: 937 498-8160 or email: Vallen@sidneyoh.com.
Position Open until Filled 
Pay Range: $65,790 to $82,056 (Plus Up to $8000 Bonus)
More information
Job Description
Benefit Summary










Police Officer

The City of Sidney is currently hiring for Police Officer.  The City application and all testing must be completed and submitted to the City by January 4, 2019. 

Failure to complete the City application and/or testing may exclude candidates from the next phase of the hiring process.

 Salary Information: $51,629 to $63,747

Benefit Information: Education Bonus up to $1800 annually, Up to $1700 physical fitness bonus annually, Uniforms and equipment provided, two weeks paid vacation per year, four personal days per year (after 6 months), 18 sick days per year, 11 paid holidays and with five or more years of service you would receive Longevity pay.

Candidate Contact:
Vickie Allen
Human Resources Manager

Department Overview: The Sidney Police Department has 38 sworn officers, 11 dispatchers and 3 support staff members.  The vision of the Sidney Police Department is to exceed the expectations of their community, to adapt to the ever changing challenges, and to provide the highest level of service and protection to their citizens.  Our core values are Professionalism, Integrity, Courage and Compassion.  The Sidney Police department handles approximately 30,000 calls for service a year.  The Sidney Police Department is a full service department with a wide variety of opportunities for officers to advance.  The Sidney Police Department has a professional patrol section, a diverse investigative section, a tactical response team, a bike patrol unit, a K9 team and other specialized positions that officers may apply for.  The Sidney Police Department is located in a new building and the officers are provided with state of the art equipment and training.

Area Information: Sidney and the Shelby County court square listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Points of interest include the majestic Shelby County Courthouse, considered to be one of the finest in the nation, the Peoples Federal Savings and Loan designed by famed architect Louis Sullivan in 1917, and the Monumental Building, constructed to honor the County’s fallen heroes from the Civil War.  Sidney also is well known for their many parks and their recreational system.  For those who enjoy the great outdoors, Tawawa Park, located within the city, is a 220-acre wooded reserve where visitors can hike, bike, fish, and picnic. Walking trails guide hikers along the park’s winding creek and around its several lakes.

Seasonal events on the downtown square include band concerts, a weekly farmer’s market, Kids Around the Square Festival, Fall Festival, and a variety of other family-friendly activities and events. The Winter Wonderland Parade attracts thousands to downtown Sidney to kick off the holiday season when the court square takes on the glow of countless sparkling lights, beautifully decorated storefront windows, and other seasonal decorations.

Population: 21,000

Job Requirements

Age: 21

US Citizen: Lawfully work in U.S.

High School Grad/GED: Yes

Valid OHIO State Driver's License: Yes

Ability to Read/Speak English: Yes

Specific Disqualifiers/Behaviors:
Felony, Criminal Activity Disqualifiers: Must be able to pass BCI and FBI background investigation.

Driving Disqualifiers: Must have valid Driver’s license. Not Convicted of Driving under the Influence of Alcohol more than once.

Drug Use Disqualifiers: Not addicted to the habitual use of intoxication liquors or drugs.

Employment Disqualifiers: Pattern of poor work habits and poor work performance with previous employers.

Additional Disqualifiers: Lack any of the established preliminary requirements for the examination Guilty of infamous or notoriously disgraceful conduct Made false statements of any material fact, or practiced (or attempted to practice) any deception or fraud in the application or examination in establishing eligibility, or securing an appointment. Dismissed from either branch of the Civil Service for delinquency or misconduct.

Bonus Credit on Exam Score:
Ohio applicants applying for military bonus must submit proper proof of honorable discharge or honorable release (DD 214) from active military service prior to participation in the examination. Upon the applicant (a resident of Ohio and otherwise eligible) receiving a passing grade as determined by the National Testing Network, he/she shall be granted an additional credit of 20% of such grade in view of the above-mentioned service. Applicants who have OPOTA certification will receive a 20% bonus upon passing the examination with a score of as determined by the National Testing Network. Applicants who do not achieve a passing score will not receive the Military or OPOTA bonus. The maximum bonus for any applicant is 20%.  The job description is contained in the Information packet

Information Packet
Benefit Summary

Part Time Transit Driver

This position is responsible for the safe and efficient transport of passengers, and includes the safe operation of the assigned vehicle at all times. Drivers are required to assist elderly or disabled passengers as needed. Drivers are part-time employees and report directly to the Transit Manager.

Job Description

Part Time Safety Telecommunicator

Part- Time Public Safety Telecommunicator
Under general supervision, the part time Public Safety Telecommunicator is responsible for receiving and dispatching incoming calls or in-person requests for police, fire and rescue services.  The Communications Center is a 24-hour, seven (7) day a week, public safety communications facility staffed by regular full time and part time Telecommunicator. 

Major responsibilities include:  receive telephone calls and transmit information by radio or telephone and take incoming messages, enter data in the CAD System and NCIC/LEADS System and maintain communications with all field public safety units, monitor alarm board status, receive court bonds, account for monies collected, quickly and effectively communicate information to emergency personnel at the scene of an incident. Applications will be accepted until position is filled.

Position Description




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