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DRAFT Vacant Property Registration ordinance available for pubic review and comment
The City of Sidney is faced with an overwhelming number of vacant properties, which are, first and foremost a life-safety concern for police and fire personnel, as well as surrounding properties. Without occupancy and proper maintenance, vacant properties deteriorate at a much faster rate than occupied buildings. This deterioration has negative effects on surrounding properties and neighborhoods, such as trespassing, arson, loitering and vagrancy. The City is proposing regulations requiring these properties to be registered so their conditions can be inspected and monitored, while ensuring the owners meet the minimum standards of maintenance, and understand the obligations of ownership in the City of Sidney.

If you wish to review the DRAFT ordinance (revision 7/9/18), it is available here . Feel free to E-mail any questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns to Kyle Havenar, Vacant Property Inspector, at or 937-498-8101.

Gas pipeline upgrades underway in Sidney
Contract crews working for Vectren Energy Delivery (Vectren) will soon begin replacing gas mains and service lines in Sidney as part of the company’s pipeline replacement program, which is a multi-year program to replace about 700 miles of bare steel and cast iron pipeline infrastructure throughout Ohio. In Sidney, nearly $2.7 million will go toward retiring nearly four miles of gas main and more than 300 service lines in 2018. Since 2009, approximately 16 miles have been retired within the city. Vectren intends to retire approximately 27 miles in Sidney over the next several years. To read the entire press release click here.

Multi-Year I&I Program Continues
The I&I division was formed in 2013 for removal of inflow and infiltration from the city’s sanitary sewer system. The program is currently in Project Area 5. For a map of the entire project area click here. For more details about the I&I program click here. For an interactive map for specific addresses click here.

2018 Proposed Street Resurfacing Program
The 2018 proposed street resurfacing map can be found here. Bids have been received and approved to award to Barreett Paving. Work on curb and gutter replacements is on going. Paving is scheduled to start in mid June.

“Between March 1 and December 31 of each year, no person or entity which is the owner of record of any parcel, lot or land within the City corporation limits shall permit any grass over eight inches, noxious weeds, or untended, rank, and unmanaged growth of vegetation” (Codified Ordinances Section 553.01). In 2016, City Council amended the above ordinance, changing the maximum height of grass from twelve inches to eight inches.

For more information, please go to the Code Enforcement page.

Water Department's Annual Water Quality report available for Download. (PDF)


Upcoming Events:

Sidney Water Park     -     OPENS JUNE 2
Season tickets for the Sidney Water Park are on sale right now at city hall. Access to over 600,000 gallons of crystal clear water, 30' high spiral and speed slides and fun with friends and family!

Sidney Fire Department to Partner with UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute for Local Live-Fire Experiments
Beginning May 31 for approximately two weeks, the UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute (UL FSRI) will partner with the Sidney Fire Department to conduct a series of experiments involving live-fire. The experiments will be conducted in four local houses donated by the Land Bank of Shelby County that were slated for demolition. Members from the Sidney and surrounding fire departments will be participating in the experiments. Click here for the full press release.

Solid Waste Container Regulations are in Effect
The City of Sidney recently enacted legislation that  regulates the placement and storage of solid waste and recycling containers, yard waste and big items within the City. The rules apply to both those customers on the container system and those on the low volume bag system. The new rules are effective September 15, 2016. For more details click here.

Summer Yard Waste Collection
Republic is scheduled to resume weekly pick of yard waste on Monday, April 30, 2018. Yard waste is picked up weekly on the day of your regular trash pick up until November 30 when it goes back to the winter pick up schedule.

Details for yard waste pick up are availble on the City's website under departments, solid waste.

Questions? Please call the City of Sidney Service Center at 498-8117. 

2018 Recycling Calendar
Click here for the 2018 recycling calendar schedule.

City of Sidney – Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements Phase 2
This project includes reliabilty improvements which include equipment replacements. Project has been awarded to Peterson Construction and work is scheduled to commence in June.This project is being funded through Water Pollution Control Loan Funds (WPCLF). Construction is scheduled for 2017-2018.Please contact Gary R. Clough, Assistant City Manager/ Public Works Director at or 937-498-8142 if you want more information on the project.




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