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Public Works
Solid Waste


Revenue Collections: (937) 498-8115
201 W Poplar St.
Sidney, OH 45365

Revenue Collections Supervisor:
Karen Berning
Phone: (937) 498-8113
Fax: (937) 498-8191

Public Works Director: Gary Clough
Phone: (937) 498-8141
Fax: (937) 498-8119


Refuse collection service is provided to Sidney which includes pickup of household garbage, vegetation, recycling, and bulk items. When placing these items out for collection, please separate your waste according to the Garbage Guidelines and Recyling Guide to ensure efficient collection.


  • Collected once a week. See Collection Schedule.
  • Household garbage must be in carts provided by Republic Waste Services according to the Garbage Guidelines. Garbage placed outside of the cart will not be picked up.
  • Cardboard boxes must be broken down and cut (not folded) to fit in recycling cart.
  • Garbage and recycling need to be out by 7 a.m. on the day of collection.
  • Cart  must not be heavier than 60 pounds.
  • Cart must not contain vegetation of any kind.
  • Rocks or concrete or other construction material will not be collected.
  • Small residential generators can apply for bag service purchased at Revenue Collections in lieu of monthly billed service.

Big Items

  • Collected once a week on the same day as your trash day. See Collection Schedule.
  • Limited to one approved big item per week.
  • Any and all mattresses and fabric furniture such as couches and chairs shall be wrapped in plastic or put in mattress bags available at local hardware stores or they will not be collected. This is due to the potential of bed bugs in the items.
  • Items should not exceed 6 feet in length or 60 pounds in weight.
  • Carpet shall be cut in pieces less than 6' in length, rolled and tied, and be less than 60 pounds in weight.

Special Pick-Ups

  • For pick-ups larger than normal service volumes, customers can request a quote for extra pick-up based on actual costs. Call Revenue Collections for a quote.


  • Collected on the same day as your trash pick from May 1 through November 30. See Yard Waste Program. for details and costs.
  • Any vegetation left by lawn maintenance services or other contractors will not be collected. Contractors are required to remove their debris.
  • Vegetation should not exceed 2 inches in diameter, 4 feet in length or 60 pounds in weight.
  • Vegetation will not be picked up if it is mixed with other garbage.
  • Vegetation placed under a utility/power line will not be collected.
  • Stumps, root balls, sod, dirt and landscaping rocks are not considered vegetation and should be hauled by a private contractor to be disposed of.


  • Collected every other week. See Recycling Guide. All approved recycled materials can go in the 65 gallon cart provided.
  • Cardboard boxes must be broken down and cut (not folded) to fit within cart.
  • No plastic bags.




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