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Municipal Court Annual Report

Presiding Judge: Duane Goettemoeller

Located: 110 West Court St.
Mailing Address:
201 W. Poplar St.
Sidney, Ohio 45365
Phone: (937) 498-0011
Open Monday - Friday 8:00AM - 4:30 PM

Court’s Annual Report for 2013


Mayor and Members of Sidney City Council
And Shelby County Commissioners

(O.R.C. 1901.14A4)

As I begin this term in office, I would like to thank the citizens of Shelby County for the support and warm reception bestowed upon myself and my staff. I am looking forward to this next term and hope to bring several exciting new projects to completion. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the Honorable Donald G. Luce for all that he has done to develop the orderly and efficient administration of justice in Sidney Municipal Court. His recent brochure documenting the beauty of this Court is itself a work of art.

I am pleased to welcome a new employee, Kim Beam, as Deputy Clerk, as well as extend my thanks to the recently retired Virginia Egbert for her service to this Court. I am blessed to be surrounded by such able public servants.

In 2008 the Court instituted a Special Projects Fund (S.P.F.), authorized by statute, and funded by an increase in court costs. By this mechanism, the Court instituted a driver's license intervention program designed to help those without a valid driver's license to become legally licensed, allowing many to hold employment. During 2010, 252 individuals entered this program. At the end of the year, 187 cases were completed with a 76% success rate.

In addition, the Court's License Assistance Program helped more than 90 participants obtain driving privileges.

Our Video Arraignment System allowed 390 Defendants to be arraigned at the jail. As the Court transported some 1,300 prisoners in previous years, significant transportation costs as well as reduced security risks should be realized with this program.

In 2010, $1,999,272.71 was collected in receipts. In addition, $120,823.81 was provided by offenders to the City and County through the Court's new Community Service Program. This Program is our attempt to allow those who qualify to account for their fines and costs even when they do not earn sufficient income to pay what they owe. All who come before the Court are held accountable, regardless of whom they might be.

More than $26,700 was collected and distributed for restitution to victims of crime. The Court also distributed garnishment monies in the amount of $757,908.77 to various creditors.

The Probation Department performed 236 drug tests, conducted 311 pre-sentence investigations and had 1,228 active probationers in 2010. Additionally, that department is developing a significant grant to address the needs of mentally ill who appear before this Court. If successful, it will enable this Court without expense to Shelby County to deal with persons who have special needs.

The Bailiffs served 1,853 papers and transported 630 prisoners. More than 47,880 jail days were served by defendants. In place of jail 487 people were placed in counseling and treatment programs such as alcohol and drug, anger management and parenting.

More than 460 days were served by defendants on the Home Arrest Program. This program is for low risk, non-violent offenders and allows them to maintain employment and support his/her family. This program also saves the community the cost of incarceration which totaled approximately $24,840 in 2010.

On behalf of the Court we promise prompt and courteous service and I pledge to you to the best of my ability to administer justice fairly and impartially.



Duane A. Goettemoeller, Judge
Sidney Municipal Court


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