Municipal Court Probation | City of Sidney Ohio
City of Sidney Ohio

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Presiding Judge: Duane Goettemoeller

Located: 110 West Court St.
Mailing Address:
201 W. Poplar St.
Sidney, Ohio 45365
Phone: (937) 498-0011
Open Monday - Friday 8:00AM - 4:30 PM

Clerk of Court/Court Administrator – Bonnie Gold:

Rules of Probation

LIP (License Intervention Program)Terms and Condtions

The Sidney Municipal Court Probation department monitors all persons placed on probation by the Judge.  Some of the many varied duties for the probation department include scheduling and recording community service requirements, assist with driving privileges,  monitor counseling, and help with housing, medical, and mental health issues
The probation officers also provide the Court with Pre-sentence Investigation reports.  This enables the Court to understand all aspects of the case in order to give a fair, unbiased sentence.

The goal of the probation department is to promote positive growth in the individuals we monitor and help all defendants lead more productive, law abiding lives.

All persons placed on Probation must follow basic rules and regulations and meet regularly with their probation officer.  The link below will list those rules.  These may not be the ONLY rules an individual is required to keep.  The probation officer makes a specific, individualized plan for each probationer so that they are given the best opportunity for successful completion. You will meet with your probation officer to familiarize yourself with the program options available to you.




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