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Shelby Public Transit

413 S. VanDemark Rd.
Sidney OH 45365

(937) 492-6117


Transit Manager: Ron Schalow
Phone: (937) 498-8151
Fax: (937) 498-8750

Public Works Director: Gary Clough
Phone: (937)498-8141
Fax: (937)498-8119

Shelby Public Transit provides demand-response, origin to destination public transportation in the City of Sidney and throughout Shelby County. Connecting service is also available to Miami County. For more information see the Fares section or call (937) 492-6117.

Our goal is to offer accessible, clean, safe, and affordable public transportation in Shelby County.

The system began operation in 1980 with two vehicles and limited service within the City of Sidney. Today, we have eleven (11) wheelchair accessible vehicles and public transportation is available in the City of Sidney and throughout Shelby County.

We moved into our Transit Facility at 413 S. VanDemark Rd. in 2009. The building provides a climate controlled area for our vehicles, offices for the dispatchers and a meeting room for training.

Shelby Public Transit works in cooperation with Shelby County human services agencies and various service organizations to serve Shelby County.

Origin to destination service is provided from your pick-up location to your destination. 

Any passenger may request the use of the lift to get on or off the vehicle.

Passenger Assistance is available upon request. Please let our dispatcher know if you have any special mobility needs, require assistance to and from the vehicle or need additional boarding time.

The driver will secure all wheelchairs with a four-point securement/lap belt system. The driver will also secure all walkers and oxygen tanks and assist with getting the wheelchair on and off the vehicle.

Shelby Public Transit is funded by the City of Sidney, Shelby County, ODOT Office of Transit, and the Federal Transit Adminstration. Funding is also provided by Title III of the Older Americans Act and is administered through the Area Agency on Aging PSA 2.

Area Agency on Aging clients may make voluntary contributions towards the cost of their Title III funded service. However, service will not be denied to passengers who are unable to make a contribution.

Your comments, complaints, questions and suggestions are always welcome. Please contact the Transit Manager at (937) 498-8151.


Connecting service is available between Shelby County and Miami County

Rates from Shelby County to/from Piqua:(Transfer point at I-75 Exit 83)
   General Public: $5.00
   Seniors & Disabled: $2.50

Rates within Miami County:
   General Public: $4.00
   Seniors & Disabled: $2.00

Rates from Shelby County to Upper Valley Career Center and Edison Community College
General Public - $5.00
Seniors & Disabled - $2.50

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
and Title Vi Complaints

For information on procedures to file a complaint, please go to the Passenger Policies section of this website.




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