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City of Sidney Ohio

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Shelby Public Transit

413 S. VanDemark Rd.
Sidney OH 45365

(937) 492-6117


Transit Manager: Ron Schalow
Phone: (937) 498-8151
Fax: (937) 498-8750

Public Works Director: Gary Clough
Phone: (937) 498-8141
Fax: (937) 498-8119


Who can use the transit system?
Anyone! The service is open to everyone that needs a ride.

Why do you need so much personal information when I call to schedule a ride?
The first time you call, your information is entered into our scheduling program so your future trip requests can be entered quickly. 

How much does it cost to go to one of the county villages?
You can ride to/from anywhere within the county for $5.00. The reduced rate for seniors and disabled riders is $2.50.

I need assistance when I get to my destination. Can I bring a helper with me?
Yes. Please let us know if you will have a personal care attendant (PCA) riding with you when you schedule your trip. There is no charge for the PCA to ride if the PCA is picked up and dropped off at the same location as you. 

I use a mobility device. Can I get on your vehicles?
Yes, all of our vehicles are accessible to mobility devices. Our drivers are trained to assist passengers in loading, unloading, and securing mobility devices.

Can your driver help me to and from the house to the vehicle?
Yes, passenger assistance to and from the vehicle to the door is available upon request. 

We ask that during inclement weather sidewalks, ramps and drives be cleared of ice and/or snow. We reserve the right to refuse assistance if hazardous conditions exist.

Why can't you take me straight home or to my destination?
Our service is a public transportation shared ride program. The driver may have other riders that are scheduled to be picked up and dropped off during your trip. Keep this in mind when scheduling your trip and give yourself extra time to get to your destination.


Why didn't the driver honk the horn so I would know the bus/van was here?
Rather than honking the horn and disturbing others, we ask our passengers to be looking for the vehicle 10 minutes prior to the scheduled pick-up time.

Why can't you pick me up at the time I need a trip?
Our scheduler will work hard to schedule your trip at your requested time, but service is very limited and there are certain times of the day when there are no openings. Our service is first come/first serve and scheduled if space is available. We suggest that you schedule your trips as early as possible to reserve the time you need. 

What time is your last pick up?
City: 4:30 PM
County: 4:00 PM
Miami County/Sunoco: 4:00 PM

Can you wait for me while I run into the store?
No. You will need to schedule a pick up and return trip when you call. You trip is completed when you leave the bus at any destination. On most days the driver has other trips scheduled and cannot wait. 

Can I use a credit card?
No, we are unable to process credit/debit card payments at this time.

Can both of my kids ride for one price since they both go to the same school?
No, you must pay the regular fare for each child.

Can you take me to the next county?
Yes, we are able to provide transportation to Miami County. For details call (937) 492-6117.

What is your policy on packages and bags?
You can carry on as many bags as you can safely handle at one time without assistance. The bags must be secure in your seat or you are welcome to use a personal shopping cart.

Drivers are not required to assist with carry-on items. If assistance is needed due to age or disability, drivers may assist you to get your items to your door.

You may also schedule a personal care       attendant (PCA) to ride with you. 

How much does it cost to bring my baby with me?
Children under the age of 5 ride free. However, you are responsible for providing the proper child restraint seat for the child and for securing the seat before departure.

Why did a bus/van go past my house without stopping to pick me up?
That vehicle is scheduled to pick up someone at another location and their drop off is in the opposite direction that you will be going. Your bus/van will arrive shortly.

Can I pay you at the end of my trip?
No, our policy is that you must pay when you board the vehicle.

What if I accidently leave something behind on the vehicle?
If you leave anything on the vehicle, call our office at (937) 492-6117. We will make every effort to locate and return lost items to our customers. Please understand that Shelby Public Transit is not responsible for items left on the vehicle.





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