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Purchasing Department: Jenny Wagner
Phone: (937)498-8116
Fax: (937)498-8177
Email: jwagner@sidneyoh.com

Finance Officer: Ginger Adams
Phone: (937)498-8194
Fax: (937)498-8177
Email: gadams@sidneyoh.com

Second floor of the Municipal Building (201 W. Poplar St.)


Monumental Building Interior Repairs

SR 47 Safety Improvements PH III

Wilkinson Ave Building Demolition

Evergreen Drive Sanitary Sewer Replacement REBID

Water Treatment Plant PLC5 Replacement

Evergreen Drive Sanitary Sewer Replacement

Downtown Storm Sewer Improvements Phase II


N. Ohio Avenue Sanitary Sewer Replacement

Kuther Road Forcemain Replacement

Wilkinson/Oak Sanitary Sewer Improvements

SHE-Zenas King Bridge Rehab

Graceland Cemetery Mausoleum Section 2

Hall Avenue Sanitary Sewer Lining

North Street Sanitary Sewer Lining

WWTP Biosolids Disposal

2019 Sidewalk Program

Downtown Storm Sewer Improvements Phase I

Park Street Sanitary & Water Replacement

Russell Road Reconstruction

Lynhurst Street Water Line Replacement

Pinehurst Water Line Replacement

2019 Curb & Gutter

2019 Street Resurfacing

Helen Court Storm & Sanitary Improvements REBID



YMCA Storm Sewer Improvements

Bay Street Sanitary Sewer Replacement REBID II

Water Treatment Chemicals

Lift Station Telemetry / Instrumentation & Control System REBID

Ohio Building Roof Replacement

Lift Station Telemetry / Instrumentation & Control System

Helen Court Storm and Sanitary Improvements

Court St Sanitary Sewer Replacement REBID

Lime Sludge Service Lagoon Cleaning

St Marys/Grove Sanitary Sewer Extension

Maxwell Place Sanitary Sewer Replacement

Court Street Sanitary Sewer Replacement

Sidney City Airport Rehabilitate Aprons A, C, E (Rebid) & G

Service Center Re-Roofing

2018 Sidewalk Program

Letitia Drive / Elizabeth Court Water Main Replacement

Ruth Street Water Main Replacement

2018 Street Resurfacing

2018 Curb and Gutter

Self Contained Breathing Apparatus and Required Accessories

Chestnut Avenue Sanitary Sewer Replacement



Water Treatment Chemicals

Monumental Building Tuck Pointing and Waterproofing

Southwest Sanitary Sewer Pipe Lining

Jefferson St Bridge Replacement REBID 

Southwest Sanitary Manhole Rehab

Jefferson Street Bridge Replacement

Service Center Salt Dome REBID

North Street Improvements

Sidney Airport Rehabilitate Apron E

2017 Sidewalk Program

Service Center Salt Dome

Water Well #2 and #3 Redevelopment

Maple Street Sewer Replacement REBID

Parkwood & Robinwood Water Main Replacement

2017 Curb and Gutter

2017 Street Resurfacing

Sixth Avenue Water Main Replacement



Graceland Cemetery Expansion

Southwest Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation

Water Treatment Chemicals

Cemetery Sewer Rehabilitation

Maple Street Sewer Replacement

Water Well #6 Redevelopment REBID

Airport Crack Seal Runway 5/23

Water Well #6 Redevelopment

Sixth Avenue Sewer Interceptor

1311 S Main Ave House Demolition

2016 Tree Purchase & Planting Program

WTP Lime Lagoon Reconstruction REBID

Water Tower Mixer Units

WTP Boiler Replacement

Edgewood St Water Main Replacement

WTP Lime Lagoon Reconstruction

2016 SAMI and Mircrosurfacing

WTP Wash Water Pump #2 Rehabilitation

Russell Rd Sanitary Sewer Extension

Rehabilitate T Hangar Taxilanes - Phase I

Folkerth Ave Water Main Replacement

Rehabilitate Runway 5/23 Sidney Airport

2016 Sidewalk Program

Sanitary Sewer Lateral Lining

Michigan St Bridge Over Starrett Run

WWTP Biosolids Disposal

2016 Curb & Gutter

2016 Street Resurfacing Part A

Fielding Road Reconstruction


Urban Paving Curb & Gutter

East Parkwood Drainage Improvements

Water Treatment Chemicals

Vandemark/Industrial Dr Signalization

Service Center Gate & Fence Installation

Tilberry Run Improvements

Broadway Ave Storm Sewer Replacement

2015 Alley Chip Seal Program

2015 Street Resurfacing and Curb and Gutter

Goode Street Reconstruction

Service Center Parking Lot Paving Phase II

WTP #2 Wash Water Pump Rehabilitation

2015 Sidewalk Program

Brookside Park Building Demo

Harmon Park Ditch Repairs

Port Jefferson Road Reconstruction

Mowing and Junk Removal

WWTP Biosolids Disposal

Solid Waste Contract



Water Treatment Chemicals

Lime Lagoon Expansion

Second Ave Street Resurfacing

WTP #1 Wash Water Pump Rehab

Street Resurfacing and Curb and Gutter

Modular Playstructure System

Valve Maintenance Trailer

Water Well #1 Redevelopment

Sidewalk Program

Michigan Street Safety Improvements

Sanitary Sewer Lift Station Flow Meters Rebid

Industrial Drive Sanitary Sewer Replacement

Custenborder/Berger Ball Fields FenceOpt 1

Custenborder/Berger Ball Fields Fence opt 2

Sanitary Sewer Lift Station Flow Meters project




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