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Orbison Park

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Map of Orbison Park (PDF)


This park is ten acres and is Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessible with grills, basketball court, and picnic area with shelter, play equipment and sports field.

Park Features

  • Basketball
  • Drinking Water
  • Modular Play Structure and Swings
  • Shelter
  • Softball Diamond


Research was completed by Cheryl Michaels and Janet Ross in 2009.

Orbison Park is located at 880 East Court Street on land once owned by the Orbison family. At the April 23, 1962, Sidney Recreation Commission meeting, a discussion was held about the plateau land atop Orbison Hill, a part of Tawawa Park.

Interest in this area had previously been shown in earlier commission meetings. At the September 1963 Recreation Commission meeting, a motion was made and carried that the recreation area adjacent to Route 29, Orbison Hill, be officially known in the future as “Orbison Playground.” Today that area is called Orbison Park.
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