REVIVE Program

The primary objective of the REVIVE program is to facilitate the revitalization and repurposing of residential homes. Many houses are left vacant, abandoned, or entangled in legal complications, making it challenging to address these issues. During this period, necessary property maintenance is neglected, and the City bears the responsibility to undertake essential services to safeguard the well-being and health of the community. These services encompass actions like securing windows, maintaining lawns, and clearing debris, which incur costs ultimately passed on to the property owners through property tax assessments. As the duration of the property's vacancy increases, the number of services performed also escalates, resulting in significant expenses for potential buyers. The REVIVE program seeks to eliminate these assessments, which often act as obstacles preventing the reuse of these properties.


This program applies to the following:
  • existing single-family homes;
  • homes originally constructed as single-family housing but which have previously been converted to multiple-family housing and which will be restored to single-family status; and,
  • existing duplexes originally constructed as duplexes provided the property owner lives in one of the units


At its sole election and discretion, The City of Sidney, may agree to do some or all of the following either by way of an approval by the City Manager or through the adoption of a resolution by City Council in accordance with the following:
  • forgive outstanding city utility bills incurred by the previous owner
  • forgive oustanding vacant property registration fees
  • forgive outstanding junk & weed abatement costs/assessments
  • forgive other liens placed on the property by the City
  • forgive other financial obligations owed to the City associated with the property
  • depending on the location, and program compliance, approve Community Reinvestment Area (CRA) property tax abatement

Generally applicable requirements

The following list provides additional requirement details of the program:
  • for houses that will be renovated and subsequently used as single-family housing units, regardless of the number of units into which the structure may have previously been divided, and structures originally constructed as duplexes being returned to or renovated as a duplex provided the property owner lives in one of the units
  • property owner shall enter into a binding agreement with the City agreeing to bring the house into compliance with all I&I requirements within a prescribed number of days
  • register the property as a vacant property within 30 days of taking ownership or request an exemption from registering based on one of the approved exemptions
  • pay for all utility costs from the time the owner assumes ownership of the property until the property is sold
  • use the property only as a single-family dwelling unit and to place a restriction on any subsequent instrument of conveyance, indicating that the subject property may only be used as a single-family dwelling unit, however, structures originally constructed as duplexes may be renovated as a duplex provided the property owner lives in one of the units
  • property owner must obtain all necessary building permits, pass all inspections, and be issued a Certificate of Occupancy
  • no financial obligation related to the subject property shall be forgiven or waived by the City unless and until all obligations required to be performed or met by the owner of the property have been completed to the satisfaction of the City of Sidney
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