Stormwater Appeals Board

About the Board

The Board shall hear and determine any appeal filed under Section 919.28 of the codified ordinances. The Board shall have the power to affirm, modify or revoke any notice or order, and may grant an extension of time for the performance of any act required by this chapter, or may grant a variance, except as otherwise excluded in this chapter.


The Stormwater Appeals Board consists of five members. Board members must be qualified by experience and training to pass upon matters pertaining to stormwater management.  They may be residents of the city, own property or otherwise have an economic interest in the city  Appointments to the Stormwater Appeals Board are made by City Council and are for a five-year term. Current board members include:

  • Stan Frye
  • John Frantz
  • R. Michael Johnson
  • Brad Oehlhof
  • Richard Plaine