Building Division

The Residential Building Division is responsible for enforcement of the Residential Code of Ohio Including:

  • Inspection of new construction, alteration, addition or repair of one, two, and three-family dwellings in the city
  • Plan reviews for new structures
  • Site plan reviews
  • Inspection of existing structures concerning maintenance and safety issues
  • Follow-up inspections on structures involved in fires and/or catastrophes, man-made or natural, to determine the level of damage, and safety of the structure
  • Permits and inspections on accessory structures such as:
    • Electrical rewires of existing residential structures
    • Electrical service upgrades or changes
    • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) installations
    • Porch enclosures or overhangs
    • Room additions
    • Sheds and detached garages

For the purpose of regulating construction, alterations, repairs, and additions to, the has been adopted by the city. The city also adopted the  for regulating the installation and maintenance of electrical systems in the city.

For permitting and plan review of Commercial and Industrial buildings please contact Miami County Building Department . 937-658-6220

For Commercial and Industrial Zoning requirements please reference Procedure for Site Plan Approval in permits and applications tab.

Applicable Codes